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FZ Words from the Edge

The Times They Were A-Changing

The Sand Hill Review – [Select “Earlier SHR Editions to Purchase”]:

Honey in the City (2007) – In the early 1990s, Honey visits San Francisco for the first time. She finds herself stalking a suave, mysterious stranger.

Damascus Gate (2010) – Summer 1970 – Two young men, one Jewish and the other Palestinian, grapple with the impossibility of friendship.

The Sand Hill Review – Fiction Editor (2008) – Elise’s short fiction selections for this edition.

Fault Zone series –

Fault Zone, Words from the Edge (2010) – A Time to Cast Away Stones, Novel Excerpt, from the year before it was first published in 2012! Has an American college girl, studying in Paris in 1968, been betrayed by her Czech boyfriend?

Fault Zone, Stepping up to the Edge (2011)—Playing with the Rules – A love of jazz brings together two single women, a timid do-gooder and homeless young mother, at a synagogue dinner for homeless families.

Fault Zone, Diverge (2015) – The Feint of the Other Shoe – Two wealthy thirty-something San Franciscans meet in an upscale bar. One of them is a faker.

Fault Zone, Diverge (2015) – Pierced Ears – A little girl learns about the Holocaust for the first time.

The Times They Were A-ChangingTimes They Were A-Changing: Women Remember the 60s and 70s

My People’s Park (memoir, second prize in prose)


Excerpts from future stories and novels coming here soon!