About the About

I’m new to blogging, but that is a poor excuse. I apologize. Next time I’ll read the “Tips” for beginners before I begin.

Now the “About” is no longer a mere brief bio piece. Re-visit the all-new “About” section (click the About on the side menu) to learn about why I am – actually – incredibly qualified to write about the May Revolution in 1968 Paris – and how it compares to the Occupy Movement. How did I come to write about this topic? What are my experiences and research?

And why do I want to hear from you? To find out if you are surprised, pleased, object to, disagree with, or have any other large and small, emotional or cerebral, reactions to my high hopes – for positive results from Occupy.

Next topic: What have compost, kale and condoms to do with Revolution?

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